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Telediario (Tele-journal) is a flagship television newscast, produced by the Spanish public service broadcaster Televisión Española (TVE). It is the longest running program in the history of television in Spain as it has been broadcast daily since 1957.

Three Telediario editions a day are broadcast domestically on La 1 and 24 Horas and internationally on TVE Internacional. Special international editions of Telediario are also aired on TVE Internacional every day.

The term Telediario in Spain has become synonymous with television news, with people saying 'put on the Telediario' when simply referring to news. "Le quedan dos telediarios" (he's got two news programmes left) is a common colloquial Spanish expression to suggest someone's days are numbered, either literally (about to die) or metaphorically (about to be removed from a position of responsibility).


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